OSRS Monkey Tail Guide: How to Obtain, Use, and Trade

OSRS Monkey Tail: Everything You Need to Know
In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), every item has its unique application and value. One such item is the Monkey Tail, a rare component essential for crafting powerful weapons like the light ballista. In this article, we will delve into what the Monkey Tail is, how to obtain it, and its various uses.

What is the Monkey Tail?
The Monkey Tail is a rare drop from certain NPCs within OSRS, specifically from Demonic Gorillas and Tortured Gorillas found in the Crash Site Cavern. This item is a crucial component in the crafting of the light ballista, a powerful ranged weapon favored by many players for its high damage output and versatility in both PvP and PvM (Player versus Monster) scenarios.

How to Obtain the Monkey Tail
Obtaining a Monkey Tail can be a challenging endeavor due to its rarity. Here are the primary methods:

Demonic Gorillas: These formidable creatures have a drop rate of approximately 1/1500 for the Monkey Tail. They require completion of the quest “Monkey Madness II” to access and are known for their challenging combat mechanics, including changing attack styles and utilizing protection prayers.
Tortured Gorillas: Found alongside Demonic Gorillas, these enemies share a similar drop rate and combat mechanics. They also become accessible after completing “Monkey Madness II.”
Tips for Farming Monkey Tail
High Combat Stats: Ensure your combat stats are sufficiently high, particularly in Attack, Strength, Defense, and Ranged, to efficiently defeat Demonic and Tortured Gorillas.
Proper Gear: Equip gear that provides high bonuses in offensive and defensive stats. Popular choices include Void Knight equipment or high-level Ranged and Melee gear.
Prayer Management: Utilize protection prayers and offensive prayers to mitigate damage and enhance your killing efficiency.
Inventory Setup: Bring plenty of food, prayer potions, and gear for both melee and ranged combat to adapt to the gorillas’ changing attack styles.
Uses of the Monkey Tail
The primary use of the Monkey Tail is in the construction of the light ballista. To craft a light ballista, you will need the following components:

Monkey Tail
Light Frame: A drop from Demonic and Tortured Gorillas.
Ballista Limbs: Obtainable by completing the Barbarian Assault mini-game or purchasing from other players.
Ballista Spring: Also a drop from Demonic and Tortured Gorillas.
Once you have all the necessary components, you can assemble the light ballista, which is a formidable weapon in the game.

Crafting the Light Ballista
Gather all components: Ensure you have the Monkey Tail, Light Frame, Ballista Limbs, and Ballista Spring.
Visit an Anvil: With all components in your inventory, head to any anvil in the game.
Assemble the Ballista: Use the components on the anvil to craft the light ballista.
Trading the Monkey Tail
Due to its rarity and importance in crafting the light ballista, the Monkey Tail holds significant value in the OSRS economy. Players can sell the Monkey Tail on the Grand Exchange or through player-to-player trades for a considerable amount of gold. Monitoring the market trends can help you decide the best time to sell for maximum profit.

The Monkey Tail in OSRS is a coveted item that plays a crucial role in the creation of one of the game’s most powerful ranged weapons. Obtaining it requires skill, strategy, and perseverance, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to craft the light ballista for personal use or sell the Monkey Tail for profit, understanding its mechanics and best farming practices will significantly enhance your OSRS experience.


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