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“Dynacorn International Inc.”

Dynacorn International is a leading manufacturer of classic and muscle car restoration panels and sheet metal products. Cruisin Automotive is the only West Australian Dynacorn dealer and only one of two in Australia.

Since 1984, Dynacorn International LLC has been supplying the classic muscle car enthusiast with quality sheet metal, bright trim and molding for restorations or for just plain making a ride look its best. Their tooling is new and crisp, the steel they use is the very best available on the market and the craftsmanship is top notch. They are the leading manufacturer of after market restoration Muscle Car Parts. At the moment Dynacorn carry parts for Bronco, Camaro, Chevelle, Chevy Pickup, El Camino, GTO, Impala, MOPAR, Mustang and Nova.

Check out these new Dynacorn products.

Billet Hood Hinges,

Camaro 1967-69. Chevelle 1965-67, El Camino 1965-67, Firebird 1967-69, Impala 1965-67, Nova 1966-67.

Camaro 1970-81, Firebird 1970-81, Trans Am 1970-81.

Chevelle 1968, El Camino 1968, Impala 1968, Nova 1968-79.

Chevelle 1969-72, El Camino 1969-72, Impala 1970, Monte Carlo 1970-72.

Chevelle 1964, El Camino 1964, GTO 1964-67, Impala 1963-64, Nova 1963-65.

Mustang 1964-66.

Cougar 1967-68, Mustang 1967-68.

Cougar 1969-70, Mustang 1969-70.

Chevy PU 1967-72

Bedside Assembly,

1970-72 Bedside Assembly, LH, Styleside, 6.5′ w/ Rear Corner Panel

1964-65 Quarter Panel, RH, Coupe.

1964-65 Quarter Panel, LH, Coupe.

1964-65 Quarter Panel, RH, Convertible.

1964-65 Quarter Panel, LH, Convertible.

While attending SEMA in 2019 we were invited to attend the Dynacorn International factory in in Camarillo, California.

Take a look at these Dynacorn Projects which took place at our workshop here.

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